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You can trust Atkinson & James every time.

Our highly skilled team work together to bring every
project we undertake to completion, on time, every time and on budget.

Throughout every facet of every project we inspire confidence - another reason why our clients remain loyal - trusting us to deliver and cope with demanding deadlines, situations and schedules, no matter how complex they may be.

A worthwhile reputation can only be gained over time and our reputation is no exception. We have earned the trust of our clients through what we have achieved for them. We have never been discovered resting on our laurels - our commitment is consistent. The A&J team excel at the creation of new interiors and the refurbishment of existing rooms and space in hotels. Our vast experience in this field is available now to clients.

Whether the hotel in question is a luxury 5 star or a single overnight stop lodge the same care and involvement is always given by A&J.

Whether volume bedrooms or a single room A&J’s attitude remains consistent.

To some it could seem an old fashioned philosophy, but at Atkinson & James the most important consideration goes to our clients. We make every effort to ensure all projects A&J carry out run smoothly, causing no problems for our clients... no matter what size the project may be.

Organisation is the key, and at A&J we maticulously program the works, highlighting the projects critical paths. This enables us to
deliver the project on time, every time. 
Every project A&J undertake is exclusively craftsmen created... in a bespoke way... to ensure a perfect fit and the best end result. This level of sucessful planning over the years has earned our clients valued trust.


Your Atkinson & James

Key Contact



Darren Morris





Managing Director

Sales & Operations


14 Years practical


Darren was one of the founding members of the business having worked for 8 years previously in the hospitality industry. Darren has gained a wealth of experience from his personnel interaction preferring to meet face to face with clients to demonstrate his passion and determination to offer service unsurpassed.

Darren has worked in the sector for 14 years and is fully experienced in contract negotiations and delivers beyond expectations consistently. His strong communication skills business acumen and strong financial control along with his individual personal skills allow Darren to be a recognised leader in the market sector. 

Darren’s role includes the preparation and response to client tenders, presentation and project negotiations. Service delivery and client retention, and the development of new products and services.

Atkinson & James
Property Response



Atkinson & James PROPERTY RESPONSE TEAM is a forward-thinking property maintenance division, set up to provide fast, efficient and cost effective building maintenance solutions covering the UK.

Our focus on outstanding customer service and technical excellence is reflected in our highly professional workforce, our use of state of the art communication technologies, and in our team of experienced Project Managers, Trade Specialists covering all aspects of the building fabric and needs.

We believe in absolute transparency on both timings and costs, with no hidden charges for travel. We also offer comprehensive guarantees on all the work we do. With a relationship spanning over 15 years, working with hotel property estate our knowledge and ‘know how’ is second to none.


• Joinery

• Tiling

• Decoration

• Plumbing

• Window installation/repairs

• Secondary glazing

• Roof works

• Fencing

• Building works

To discuss your maintenance or refurbish requirements, please contact Atkinson & James on 0845 659 5920.

Health & Safety at

Atkinson & James



The Directors, regard the promotion of Health & Safety as a mutual objective, which must be actively pursued by management and employees at all levels.

It is the policy of the Company to conduct its undertaking in such a way as to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of all its employees whilst at work, and of any other persons not being in its direct employment who may be affected by its operations.

The Company recognises that the Health & Safety of its employees is of paramount importance both in social and economic terms and consequently the Directors freely accept the responsibilities they have under law.

This responsibility is embodied in the Policy Statement, which shall be the basis of sound and safe practices used within the Company.

Employees and others working for A&J, any employee visiting sites for development, or any person conducting external training will only be allowed to do so providing that they are prepared to conform to the principles and practices laid down in the statement.

Likewise employees and others who have an association with the Company are required to conform to any reasonable rule or practice imposed through stature or particular requirement of any site where the Company is or is due to carry out work.

"We are extremely proud of the Atkinson & James’s Health & Safety record and we are keen to ensure that we continue our good work. It would be a terrible burden knowing we had contributed to somebody’s misfortune without prior thought and due diligence.

In order for us to comply with legislation and to ensure continuous improvement, we are firmly committed to providing the time and resources needed to improve our safety culture, and we will always be ready to listen to any thoughts and ideas which will help achieve this."

Darren Morris - Managing Director